Vol. VII, No.2


  • Studying Contrasting Environmental Realities of the Adivasis of pre-Colonial and Colonial Eras
  • Community Resource Mapping in Support of Local Land Tenure? : Results from an Exploratory Study at Gandhamardhan Hill in Eastern India
  • Augustus Cleveland and the Making of British Tribal Policy in Santal Parganas
  • Many Voices, One Reality: ‘All India Tribal Women Writers’ Meet’ in Ranchi

Vol. VI , No.1


  • Interpreting Santal Identity and a Quest of Identity
  • Colonial Law Making, Mining Lease Instrument, and Displaced Rights of Ho Adivasis
  • Claiming Mining Rights: A rare instance of Adivasi assertion over underground resource
Pages from the Old Records
  • A Note on ‘The Khut System of the Santals’ by
    Rev. G. Gausdal

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Vol. V, No.2


  • Socio-Political Organisation of Paharia Tribe of Damin-I-Koh of Bihar–Jharkhand: A Story of Continuity and Change (1595–1784 AD )
  • Schooling the Tribes and Chybassa School: Advent of Primary Education in Kolhan Government Estate in Singhbhum (1841 -51)
  • The Role of ‘Unknown’ Terrain, Rivers, Hills and Jungles and the Chuar Disturbances (1767–1833)
  • Social Welfarism in Contemporary Gujarat: The Bharatiya Janata Party and Scheduled Tribe

Vol. III, No.2


  • A Seventeenth Century Ideology: The Singhbhum Chronicle on Rajputs and Tribals
  • Reconstructing Adivasi Village History : Problems and Possibilities
  • Debating Colonialism and Muttadary System:Perspective from Hill People in Agency Areas of AndhraPages from the Old Records

Pages from the Old Records

  • A Note on ‘The “Kols” of Chota-Nagpore’ by E.T. Dalton
  • ‘The “Kols” of Chota-Nagpore’(Full text in the original)

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Vol. I, No.1


  • Looking Beyond the Present: The Historical Dynamics of Adivasi(Indigenous and Tribal) Assertions in India
  • Assertion of Political Identity: the Ho Adivasis of Singhbhum 1770 -1859
  • The Culture of Present: An Understanding of the Adivasi Aesthetics
  • Agriculture, Irrigation and Ecology in Adivasi Villages in Jharkhand: Why Control and Ownership over Natural Resources Matter
  • Interrogating ‘Integration’ in Tribal Discourse: Customary vs. Modern Institutions in West Singhbhum, Jharkhand
  • Witchcraft, Shamanism and the Tradition of Healing among the Adivasi Societies of India